Indian Almond leaves

One of the secrets to raising strong and healthy is bathing your fish in tea made from Indian Almond leaves.

The leaves also known as Ketapang or wild almond leaves in some places, comes from a tree known to produce a chemical that defends itself against insects and parasites. When the dried leaves falls into water, a strong brown dye is given off. The dye contains organic acids humic and tannins. The water which is darken to a yellowish brown (tea-like color) after a few days, is very similar to your Betta fishes' natural habitat and they will love you for it.

Humic and tannins from the Indian almond leaves lowers the pH of the water, absorbs harmful chemicals and help create a soothing and calm environment for the fish. I use the leaves to help settle my Betta fishes when I first bring them home from the aquarium, which can be quite a traumatic journey for the fishes. Even Bettas can get 'sea sick' sometimes ... you will know it when their body turn pale and rest on the tank floor all the time.

The leaves can also be used to treat bacteria infection and help the Bettas recover from injuries. Some people have used it to increase breeding frequency. The first time I discovered the healing qualities of the leaves was when one of my Betta won't eat for a few days after I brought it home. Then a friend recommended I put a square inch of the leaves into the tank and let it soak overnight. The next day, my Betta was sucking the blood worms like there is no tomorrow!

To use the Indian almond leaves, I would recommend one palm size leaf to 10 gallons of water. Soak the leaf overnight in the water and you will see the water turning brownish the next day. If you are helping your Betta fish recover from sickness, then cut one small piece of the leaf and leave it in the tank for a week.

In most places these leaves are not available freely. I do have a few trees growing outside my house. So if you desperately need them, email me at and if I am not too busy, I can send them to you, just pay for the shipping cost.

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Ong Hui Woo

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  • 24 June, 2009
    wanyusri says:

    Daun Ketapang ke?..

  • 24 June, 2009
    Niezam says:

    yup ..Indian Almond Leave tu nama sainstifik dia ..try la guna kat ikan emas ..hahaha