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By: BettySplendens
Submitted: 2003-09-15

About the Fishroom:

If fishrooms represent the personalities of their owners, then mine is an accurate jumble of tanks and jars, boxes and tubs, whosits and whatsits and oddly-shaped bits of piping that I no longer remember the origins of. Bettas are usually spawned in 5-10 gallon aquariums or smaller plastic tubs. I generally keep my fishroom pretty dark, but when spawning time comes, I fill the chosen container with live java moss from a well-established tank and a few Indian Almond leaves and keep it under bright light at least 12 hours a day for no fewer than 5 days. After that, I shut off the light and introduce the pair. Males build their nests under the leaf, under a half-cut styrofoam cup, or under a small square of bubblewrap. I've also found that Pringles container lids work well for nest sites. The pair are left together from 3-5 days, and by this time there are usually eggs under the nest. Then the female is removed and the male left to tend the eggs and fry. In most of my spawnings, he remains with his offspring for at least a month.

Various tubs and cultures; 5-10g spawning tanks

For growouts I use 20-75 gallon tanks with filters, but I am just as apt to use large 50g tote tubs with no filtration, but twice weekly water changes. It really depends on what is available.

Plastic tubs

dults are kept in an automatic drip system which constantly channels aged, filtered water up and into each individual betta container, where it then drains and returns to be filtered in the reservoir. A u/v sterilizer is used to help minimize the spread of disease.

Automatic drip system

Young fish go into half-gallon to gallon sized jars as soon as they start getting nippy, and there they stay until they are old enough to be sorted into KEEP fish and SALES fish. The keepers go into the drip system and the sales fish are moved into smaller boxes with every-other-day 100% water changes. They remain here until they go to their new homes. This is why I don't like to keep fish on hold for longer than a week, these containers make pretty poor longterm homes for bettas.

Gallon jars and sales age fish awaiting purchase

Fish are shipped every week from Mon-Wed to reduce the risk of weekend delays. Each fish is examined carefully prior to packaging to make sure they are in good health and free of any obvious injury or disease. They are double-bagged in seamless 4-ply fish bags, individually wrapped in newspaper, and packed in insulated shipping boxes (styrofoam coolers or cardboard boxes with foam inserts).

Each fish is examined carefully prior to shipment

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