Betty Splendens ...Part 1

Hi all, here is one of the most useful website about Betta. Maybe some of you already know about this lovely website but I just want to reintroduce this website to newbies in this hobby. Thanks to Victoria Parnell of Betty Splendens for allowing me to use articles in Betty Splendens.

About Betty Splendens
By: BettySplendens
Submitted: 2003-09-15


BettySplendens is operated in Ohio, about 1.5 hours from Cincinnati. We breed and raise thousands of fish a year in the rented top floor of a commercial building, where we have dozens of spawning tubs, growout tubs, indoor ponds, tanks and a drip system for our breeders kept up and running. Fish are put into gallon jars as they reach adolescence and receive twice weekly water changes. Once or twice a month I get up,grab some shipping bags and a large styrofoam cooler, and head over to 'The Hatchery' to go through all sales age fish and decide who I am keeping, who I'm donating to the pet store, or who I'm selling from this website. The sales fish are then packed up and taken to my home,where it is more convenient for me to photograph them and ship them after they are sold.

I sell bettas to cover the cost of the fishroom, which has its own electric bill, rent, and water, and the thousands of bettas that require feeding and care. I make very little profit off the sales of bettas; in fact, I am lucky to break even most of the time. I'm in this hobby because I love bettas, pure and simple.Bettysplendens is a hobby, not a business, and I feel fortunate to have a medium such as this website to share my passion with other betta enthusiasts.

Around the tail end of 2005 I made the decision to take a temporary break from the hobby due to circumstances out of my control. There were just too many commitments needing my attention, and the fish were the ones suffering for it. I disbursed my breeding stock among trusted friends and fellow enthusiasts and shut down the operation while I straightened the affairs in my personal life.

In 2008 things finally settled enough where I had time to devote to the hobby again,and I was lucky to find that several of my lines were still going strong in the fish rooms of my friends. I was luckier still that so many of them were willing to part with good breeding fish from these lines so I could continue to raise the same bloodstock I'd been working for the past 10+ years

To be continue.......

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