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Thank you for visiting my blog. This blog is dedicated to all Betta enthusiasts. I created this blog because I simply passionate about Betta. The purposes of this blog are to spread words about betta, sharing information, promoting Betta fish as a pet and making friends through this lovely hobby. I wish I can spend a time to write articles about betta especially in my mother tongue language because I see there is very limited information about betta in Malay. But my current daily works, responsibility and commitment make me have no chance to do so. You will see some of the articles and pictures in this blog come from other websites which I been authorized by their respective owner to use them. If you like any of the articles or pictures and wish to use them, please ask for permission from their respective owners by clicking the link to the original source. Should you have any question, comment, suggestion or ideas please email me at betta.village@yahoo.com. Feel free to explore this blog and enjoy your stay here.

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