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I was born in Penang, Malaysia and glad to hear some of betta enthusiasts used to call Malaysia as land of Imbelis. I personally agreed with that. Talking about Imbelis remind me about my childhood. I don’t think I’m able to see any show betta at that time in my LFS like today. During that time, most of my Betta are Imbelis, Veil Tail and Plakat Fighter. Me and my friends used to be Imbelis hunter as we go anywhere just to catch Imbelis.

Even I've been into Betta since I was kid, I only seriously start breeding show quality Betta last few years. My first pair was Platinum White HMPK that I bought from local Betta Compettion. Since that, I start to study, research and experiment about this lovely little fish. I learn a lot from my mentor Jaffar Hj Ahamad a.k.a Pan who has more than 10 years experienced in this field. I was amazed with his low profile attitude even he has won many awards.

Me and Pan

I also met Hasvadi Hassan a.k.a Eddy from this hobby and we learn lot from each others. I’m grateful that I have such good friends such as Pan and Edy as we not only share our passion about betta, but also share our knowledge and experienced about life.

Me and Edy

Other than betta I also love other animals. I’m a natural lover, enjoy the natural beauty and absolutely will stand up for the environmental issue. I also love sport, music and love to play guitar.

Betta Village is not a business; it is my passion and hobby. I used to sell some of my excess fish to cover the cost of this hobby. It’s always being my dreams to have my own aquaculture farm. But how many of us land on our dream jobs? All of us want do what we love best and get paid at the same time. I have a dream and I’m working hard to make it come true…..it’s only the matter of time.

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