Betty Splendens Mentorship Program


by Victoria Parnell

One of the biggest things I noticed when returning to Bettaland was the huge influx of new people to our hobby. This is a GREAT development, because it brings new energy and enthusiasm as well as the introduction of new ideas and concepts. I have always loved helping newcomers get their feet wet in the betta world, and I am honored to have several people who are now peers and equals (and some of them superiors...hmph!) who I first met when they were wet-eared newbie betta lovers bursting with questions and excitement. This has been the most rewarding part of running the website, and is the reason why I always try to encourage newcomers by being on hand to answer any questions and help out where I can.

I decided to introduce the mentorship program as a way of reaching out to those still new and inexperienced with bettas, to provide advice, nice breeding stock, answer questions, and bring even more promising hobbyists into the fold. Because of time/work/family/betta constraints, the number of apprentices I can take is limited. So I will be choosing no more than FOUR applicants!

What I would like to see are those who have been involved in bettas for under a year or two, or those who are returning to bettas after a long hiatus and need help getting reacclimated. However, anyone who feels they would benefit from this program is welcome to apply. If you've been at it for 10 years and still feel like a n00b, by all means submit an app! :D

Applicants will not be discriminated against for age, but if you are a minor I may ask for the contact info for your parent or guardian so I can confirm that it is ok that we exchange emails and I send you live fish. SENIOR CITIZEN APPRENTICES ARE ALSO WELCOME! Bettakeeping is an excellent retirement hobby, and I would love to hear your perspective.

What I don't want: People who are only after free fish. Please just move along now if that is the only reason you are here. This program is about educating and assisting new betta lovers, and while there will be free fish involved that is not the focus. Plus, I will require some work on your part as well (more about that later). Hey! Everything has its price! :p

Who I can't accept: Those outside of the US, unfortunately :(. While I would love to have apprentices all over the world, I can only actually ship fish within America.

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