How to Take Care of a Betta Fish - Tips For Beginners

By T L Gallamore

Saving a Betta fish from a cramped plastic cup at the pet store is a noble move, but only as long as you can provide a better environment for it. This isn't difficult, it's just a matter of getting a hold of the right information. Below I've compile a few starter tips for you and pointed you towards a professional guide that has saved my fish's life.

Temperature: Temperature is a subjective topic in the Betta care world, various "caring for betta fish" websites will give you different answers. Any temperature between 76 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for every day life from a Betta's point of view, the main thing is to be consistent. Once your heater settles and can keep your tank water at one temperature in the acceptable range, try your best to keep it there, rapid temperature fluctuations can be harmful or even deadly to a Betta fish.

Tank Size and Feeding: These are both somewhat short answer items so I've combined them into one section. A Betta's tank size should be 5 to 10 gallons, larger is OK, smaller is not. Betta's do not live in little tiny ponds as rumored on various Betta forums on the internet. They live in vast expanses of wetlands (BIG puddles) and as such should not be confined to a little 1 gallon bowl.

As far as food goes, I highly recommend pellets for two reasons. They are well balanced and contains everything your fish needs in it's diet, and also that they are roughly the same size as one another. What does this mean? It means that you will be able to more easily ration your Betta's food. Two pellets twice per day (two in the morning and two at night) is plenty!

Most deadly Betta mistakes occur without the owner even knowing what's going on. Avoid these mistakes and give your Betta fish the best life possible. I found my "salvation" so-to-speak in Caring For Betta Fish In just a few minutes I learned a whole lot about little things I was doing that were harming my fish. Some of the most noteworthy topics included were:

-How to maintain proper water conditions
-When and when not to use a filter
-How to correctly setup a Betta tank and the 5-part checklist
-What to do if your Betta won't eat
-Caring for Betta fish that are ill, how to diagnose and cure every Betta sickness
-Step by step instructions for breeding bettas
-Heaters and thermometers? How to get your temperature right!
-Why the wrong type of lighting can kill your Betta

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