What Should I Feed my Betta?

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What Should I Feed my Betta?

Bettas are carnivores and need food high in protein.

Bettas cannot survive off of just vegetables or plant roots.

There are many foods available for your betta that can be bought at your local fish store or cultivated at home. Here's a quick list to get you started. Remember that like people, a variety of foods allows your fish to get a balanced diet.

+ Frozen or live bloodworms or bloodworms in gel
+ Frozen or live brine shrimp or brine shrimp in gel
+ Frozen or live daphnia
+ Frozen glass worms
+ Frozen beef heart (can be purchased at your supermarket or butcher)
+ Frozen tubifex worms (live tubifex often carry parasites or bacteria and is better avoided)
+ Frozen mysis shrimp
+ Live white worms
+ Live grindal worms
+ Live flightless or wingless fruit flies
+ Live black worms.

Frozen foods should not be confused with freeze-dried. Freeze-dried foods can cause digestion problems leading to more serious medical issues.

If your betta is bloated or constipated offer him a small portion of blanched pea. This vegetable acts as roughage to help clear out his system. Only give him a small bit about the size of one of his eyeballs. For more severe cases of constipation, daphnia acts as a mild laxative.

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