KW Betta Competition 2009 Result


Cheong Ah Fatt A4-05
Picture by Bobby Chua of 

1st Cheong Ah Fatt A4-05
2nd Choo Kon Meng A7-21
3rd Ooi Hean Guan A14-11

1st Eddie Cheong B7-02
2nd Kent Chong (MN50) B11-20
3rd Tan Hoong Keat B5-02

1st Team Matrix C6-03
2nd Team Matrix C5-09
3rd Chuah Beng Chooi C10-03

1st Team Matrix D1-07
2nd Team Matrix D1-06
3rd Eddie Cheong D1-01

1st Eddie Cheong E01-01
2nd Hasfanizam (Team Betta Village) E02-07

Complete result:
A1 + A2 1st Wong Ah Toon A1-01
A1 + A2 2nd Taiwan A1-02
A1 + A2 3rd Modh Shafizi (Team Betta Village) A2-02
A4 + A6 1st Cheong Ah Fatt A4-05
A4 + A6 2nd Cheong Ah Fatt A4-04
A4 + A6 3rd Tan Hoong Keat A4-01
A5 1st Hasfanizam (Team Betta Village) A5-05
A5 2nd Lynda Ong A5-04
A5 3rd Tan Hoong Keat A5-03
A7 1st Choo Kon Meng A7-21
A7 2nd Choo Kon Meng A7-14
A7 3rd Choo Kon Meng A7-20
A9 1st Ooi Hean Guan A9-02
A9 2nd Ooi Hean Guan A9-03
A9 3rd Ahmad Faizal (Team Betta Village) A9-01
A10 1st Hasfanizam (Team Betta Village) A10-03
A10 2nd Hasfanizam (Team Betta Village) A10-05
A10 3rd Kong Kwai Yee A10-09
A11 + A12 1st Tan Hoong Keat A11-01
A11 + A12 2nd Taiwan A5-07 (Reclass)
A11 + A12 3rd Ahmad Faizal (Team Betta Village) A11-06
A8 + A13 + A14 1st Ooi Hean Guan A14-11
A8 + A13 + A14 2nd Tan Hoong Keat A14-04
A8 + A13 + A14 3rd Tan Hoong Keat A14-05
A15 1st Tan Hoong Keat A15-03
A15 2nd Kong Kwai Yee A15-05
A15 3rd Tan Hoong Keat A15-04

B1 1st Wong Ah Toon B1-09
B1 2nd Choo Kon Meng B1-11
B1 3rd Ooi Hean Guan B1-06
B2 1st Team DC5 B2-08
B2 2nd Ooi Hean Guan B2-07
B2 3rd Tan Hoong Keat B2-03
B3 1st Eddie Cheong B3-01
B3 2nd Eddie Cheong B3-03
B3 3rd Eddie Cheong B3-02
B4 1st Tan Hoong Keat B4-02
B4 2nd Tan Hoong Keat B4-03
B4 3rd Hasfanizam (Team Betta Village) B4-05
B5 1st Tan Hoong Keat B5-02
B5 2nd Lee Haur (Team PBC) B5-10
B5 3rd Lee Haur (Team PBC) B5-07
B6 1st Ahmad Faizal (Team Betta Village) B6-09
B6 2nd Ivan Lim B6-01
B6 3rd Oscar Li (MN 50) B6-03
B7 1st Eddie Cheong B7-02
B7 2nd Eddie Cheong B7-01
B7 3rd Alvin Tan (Team PBC) B7-23
B8 1st Team Matrix B8-08
B8 2nd Eddie Cheong B8-02
B8 3rd Tan Hoong Keat B8-04
B9 1st Cheong Ah Fatt B9-15
B9 2nd Oscar Li (MN 50) B9-02
B9 3rd Lee Haur (Team PBC) B9-17
B10 1st Lee Haur (Team PBC) B10-14
B10 2nd Martin Wong (MN50) B10-03
B10 3rd Lee Haur (Team PBC) B10-15
B11 1st Kent Chong (MN50) B11-20
B11 2nd Ahmad Faizal (Team Betta Village) B11-09
B11 3rd Oscar Li (MN 50) B11-01
B12 1st Ooi Hean Guan B12-25
B12 2nd Tan Hoong Keat B12-12
B12 3rd Tan Hoong Keat B12-13
B13 1st Martin Wong (MN50) B13-04
B13 2nd Team DC5 B13-22
B13 3rd Oscar Li (MN 50) B13-05
B14 1st Lee Haur (Team PBC) B14-13
B14 2nd Martin Wong (MN50) B14-03
B14 3rd Lee Haur (Team PBC) B14-12

C1 + C2 + C3 1st Team Matrix C1-02
C1 + C2 + C3 2nd Ahmad Faizal (Team Betta Village) C1-01
C1 + C2 + C3 3rd Kong Kwai Yee C3-01
C4 1st Tan Hoong Keat C4-01
C4 2nd Tan Hoong Keat C4-02
C4 3rd Team Matrix C4-07
C5 1st Team Matrix C5-09
C5 2nd Tan Hoong Keat C5-07
C5 3rd Team Matrix C5-10
C6 1st Team Matrix C6-03
C6 2nd Team Matrix C6-04
C6 3rd Chuah Beng Chooi C6-02
C10 + C11 1st Chuah Beng Chooi C10-03
C10 + C11 2nd Hasfanizam (Team Betta Village) C11-01
C10 + C11 3rd Mark Ling Chen Ching C10-01

D1 1st Team Matrix D1-07
D1 2nd Team Matrix D1-06
D1 3rd Eddie Cheong D1-01

E1 1st Eddie Cheong E1-01
E1 2nd Chuah Beng Chooi E1-03
E1 3rd Lynda Ong E1-07
E2 1st Hasfanizam (Team Betta Village) E2-07
E2 2nd Chuah Beng Chooi E2-01
E2 3rd Lee Haur (Team PBC) E2-16

Source: 1) KW Betta Competition 2009 Results @ BSM Forum
            2) Sungai Udang Betta Centre

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  • 22 December, 2009

    Congrats to KW, Organizing committee, Participants and Winners!!! Great People, great event and great fish!!!

  • 22 December, 2009
    miszgarfien says:

    hoooyeeaahhhh..dh leh komen...kih3...alaa..x best r ade word verification nie