Ang Aquarium Betta Competition 2010


- Points system will be used to judge a fish. Maximum 5 top fishes will be picked out from all of the fishes through discussion among the judges. Short listed fish shall not more than 5.

- Judges are to label the selection by sticker on competition tanks. Show chair would take down the selected fish code and print out the judging form for all judges to fill in the points.

- After top fish is selected, judges will give their points to all selected fish. At this point of time, judges are not to communicate.

- In this point system, it will be weighted as follows,

1) Color 35 points
2) Finnage 35 points
3) Deportment and Form 30 points

- After the judges have submitted their points, show chair will calculate the points, and the fish with the highest average points will be the winner for that class. In any case if there is a tie for any of the top 3 placing, judges will vote for their top 3 choice. Fish with most votes will win in that particular class.

- Choosing of Category Champion is almost similar. Judges will come together to pick out top 5 among all the class champions in that category. Judges will then give 5 points to the fish that they think deserves 1st placing, 4 points to 2nd, 3 points to 3rd, 2 points to 4th and 1 point to 5th.

- Show chair will then consolidate all points given by judges. Fish with most points will emerge as Category Champion.

- Choosing of Grand Champion is the same as choosing of Category Champion.

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