Aquafair Betta Competition 2013


Competition title: Aquafair Betta Competition 2013
Theme: "Conserve our planet, preserve our wild bettas"
Organiser: Department of Fisheries Malaysia

Date: 21-24 November 2013
Venue : Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) , Ayer Keroh , Melaka , Malaysia.

Entry form can be downloaded here
Filename: AQ2013EntryForm.pdf

******** AWARDS *********

Best of Show [Group A only]: Trophy, Certificate, Cash Prize: RM2,288.00
Best of Variety [Group A only]: Trophy, Certificate, Cash Prize: RM200.00
Class Winners of 1,2,3: Trophy and Certificate.

Best of Class G1: Trophy, Certificate, Cash Prize: RM1,000.00
Best of Class G2: Trophy, Certificate, Cash Prize: RM200.00
Class Winners of 2nd and 3rd : Trophy and Certificate.

Class G2 is open for special guest children only. FREE entry fee.

******** ENTRY FEE ********
BSM/IBC member : RM8 per entry
Non BSM/IBC member: RM12
Bulk entry by member: same price
Bulk entry by Non member: RM10 for more than 10 entries

We welcome competition entry from every part of the world. Please contact us as early as possible on the issuance of permit for custom clearance. Closing date of this permit request on 1 November 2013. We DO NOT entertain last minit request.

******** CLASS LIST *******
Division A: Halfmoon Single Tail
A1. Red STM (Dark and Light Body)
A2. Black STM
A3. Dark Iridescent STM
A4. Light Solid Color STM
A5. Bicolor/ Butterfly STM
A6. Marble/ Grizzled/ Multicolor STM
A7. Metallic Dark STM
A8. Metallic Light STM
A9. Color Variation STM (AOC)

Division B: Halfmoon Doubletail
B1. Dark Solid Color DTM
B2. Light Solid Color DTM
B3. Patterned DTM
B4. Metallic Dark/Light DTM
B5. Color Variation DTM (AOC)

Division C: Crowntail ST
C1. Red/Black CTM
C2. Dark Iridescent CTM
C3. Light Solid CTM
C4. Patterned CTM
C5. Black Orchid CTM
C6. Metallic Dark CTM
C7. Metallic Light CTM
C8. Color Variation CTM (AOC)

Division D: Shortfin ST
D1. Red STM Show Plakat
D2. Black STM Show Plakat
D3. Dark Iridescent STM Show Plakat
D4. Light Solid Color STM Show Plakat
D5. Bicolor/Butterfly STM Show Plakat
D6. Marble/ Grizzled STM Show
D7. Multicolor STM Show Plakat
D8. Metallic Dark STM Show Plakat
D9. Metallic Light STM Show Plakat
D10. Color Variation STM show Plakat
D11. Giant Solid Color Show Plakat
D12. Giant Patterned Show Plakat

Division E: Female Classes
E1. Solid Color HM/DT Female
E2. Patterned HM/DT Female
E3. Solid Color CT Female
E4. Patterned CT Female
E5. Solid Color Show Plakat Female
E6. Patterned Show Plakat Female

Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs
F1. Bubble-nesters (small size)
F2. Bubble-nesters (medium/large size)
F3. Mouth-brooder (small/medium size)
F4. Mouth-brooder (large size)

Division G: Arts and Crafts
G1. Photography
G2. Illustration/Craft

Division H: Temporary Classes
H1. Doubletail Show Plakat
H2. Halfmoon Shortfin
H3. Large Pectoral Halfmoon or Plakat
H4. Form Variation

Division I: Form & Finnage Classes
J1. Halfmoon
J2. Doubletail Halfmoon
J3. Crowntail
J4. Shortfin

Regular Classes: 34
Optional Classes: 20
Total Classes: 54

Any inquiries, either post it here or email to

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